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The PK-Eye: A Novel In Vitro Ocular Flow Model for Use in Preclinical Drug Development

“A 2-compartment in vitro eye flow model was developed to estimate ocular drug clearance by the anterior aqueous outflow pathway. The model is designed to accelerate the development of longer-acting ophthalmic therapeutics.” 


in situ antibody-loaded hydrogel for intravitreal injection

Awwad S, Abubakre A, Angkawinitwong U, Khaw PT, Brocchini S.

Antibody loaded collapsible hyaluronic acid hydrogels for intraocular delivery

Egbu R, Brocchini S, Khaw PT, Awwad S.

Electrospun formulations of acyclovir, ciprofloxacin and cyanocobalamin for ocular drug delivery

Baskakova A, Awwad S, Jiménez JQ, et al.

Comparative Study of In Situ Loaded Antibody and PEG-Fab NIPAAM Gels

Awwad S, Al-Shohani A, Khaw PT, Brocchini S.

Sustained release ophthalmic dexamethasone: In vitro in vivo correlations derived from the PK-Eye

Awwad S, Day RM, Khaw PT, Brocchini S, Fadda HM.

The PK-Eye: A Novel In Vitro Ocular Flow Model for Use in Preclinical Drug Development

Awwad S, Lockwood A, Brocchini S, Khaw PT.

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S. Awwad at MBio, Cambridge, U.K.

Use of an ocular in vitro model for preclinical development of protein formulations

S. Awwad at Institute of Ophthalmology Symposium, London, U.K.

Development of novel ocular therapies with the PK-Eye model

B. Butler at ISOPT, Tel Aviv, Israel
The PK-Eye™: Accelerate the development of drugs for the back of the eye


S. Awwad at SDDS, Prague, Czech Republic 
A sustained release intravitreal protein formulation

S. Awwad at EuroPPS, Valencia, Spain
The PK-Eye: the need for an ocular flow model for the development of new therapies

S. Awwad at Global Ophthalmology Summit, London, U.K. 
A new model for developing intravitreal formulations


B. Butler at ISOPT, Rome, Italy 
Introduction: The PK-Eye™, a new tool for Drug Development

S. Awwad at Pharmaceutica, Madrid, Spain 
The PK-Eye: A novel in vitro model to evaluate ocular pharmacokinetics


S. Awwad, P. T. Khaw and S. Brocchini at KTN meeting, Cambridge, U.K.
Extending the therapeutic tail of proteins

S. Awwad at UCL, School of Pharmacy Research Day, London, U.K.
The PK-Eye: why we need an ocular flow model for the development of new therapies


S. Awwad at SMi 3rd Annual Ophthalmic Drugs conference, London, U.K.

The need of an in vitro model for preclinical testing of intraocular formulations


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